What is level 0?

What is Level 0?

This level is for those of you who feel like you've been hit by a bus.

This is for you if everything hurts and you can't get up and down off the floor with ease.

I made this part of the programme for a few reasons

  1. I believe in starting early and starting gently - there is SO MUCH you can do to gently move your body in the early days, and this part of the programme will show you how to do that without pushing your body too hard or putting too much demand on your pelvic floor.
  2. Even later on down the track, many women still feel very weak and fragile, and the thought of going to a spinning class or going out for a run is really scary - they feel like they should "wait until they feel better" - but without SOME movement, they never do.
  3. Post c-section the body often needs some really gentle movement.

This Level 0 will help you bridge the gap.

We will gradually build up your mobility until you can get up and down off the floor, and then you will be able to move on to Level 1

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