4 Things to help you recover post c-section

C-sections are brutal on the body, but if you follow these FOUR things you can really increase your recovery, exercise and core rehabilitation being just the last step in this process - there is SO MUCH you can do in those first 6-8 weeks to maintain elasticity in the tissues, prevent pain and restrictions and increase blood flow so we are ready to strengthen our muscles when we are cleared for exercise.

You may also find it hard to touch or connect to the area around the scar - so these techniques will help you gradually do that.

Watch the video below, or read the text under the video, if you prefer!

What to do Post C-Section

  1. Breathing into the scar
  2. Gentle movement of hips and pelvis
  3. Scar tissue massage - this really helps increase blood flow, reduce restrictions and "stickiness" in the tissues
  4. Rehab and strengthen our abdominal muscles! - which you can do by working your way through the Foundational Core Programme. Start at Level 1 and work your way through. Really learn to connect to your muscles and coordinate movement with the breath.

Don't forget to combine this with the Foundational Mobility Programme, as we get stiff and sore and hunched over post c-section, and the Foundational Strength Programme - since we lose a lot of strength and muscle during the recovery stage from surgery.

This module on c-sections will take you through 1-3, building a solid base and helping you recover so that you are ready to start exercising when you get the all-clear from your doctor.

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