How to use this section

Welcome to the Educational Bit of the Programme!

This section is for you to LEARN about your postpartum body - there are 4 'modules'

  1. Pelvic Floor & Recovery from a Vaginal Birth
  2. C-section Recovery
  3. Diastasis Recti
  4. Back Pain

This section is a supplement to your exercise programme - YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO IT - but for those of you who are worried about any of these issues, you can learn about your body and put your mind at ease.

It also contains practical exercises like breathing and scar tissue massage that go beyond exercise and provide you with a more holistic approach to wellness in this chapter of your life.

TIP: Listen to relevant videos while feeding, going for walks or doing the dishes (Did you know there's an app for iPhone?!)

Mark "lessons" as complete to adjust the progress bar in the top left hand corner.

If there are irrelevant sections i.e. csection if you've had a vaginal birth, tick off all the videos so that they are marked as completed and it shows you more progress through the course.

The video below will give you a bit more information.

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