Pictured below is all the equipment you need.

***NOTE: You do not HAVE to buy any equipment - especially not to start the programme. I provide exercises with no equipment in the beginning and will offer you equipment free options. You will get a lot more out of your training with a few simple items, but you CAN do it without.

You can read the text below or watch the video at the bottom.


I recommend you start with any dumbells you have in the house, even if they are just 1-2 kgs (2-4lbs) or with a wine or water bottle - this will give you a sense of what that weight feels like.

If you need to buy dumbells - I recommend you start with 4kgs (8lbs) and 2 more weights in 2kg (4lb) increments. So a 6kg (12lb) dumbell and an 8kg (16lb) dumbell. YOU DO NOT NEED PAIRS. This will give you more than enough to start with.

If you are scared of weights, you can absolutely start with 3 or even 2kgs (6 or 4lbs) - honestly, IT DOES NOT MATTER WHERE YOU START - what matters is that you start!!!

If you don't want to buy them all at once, you can always buy just ONE dumbell and get a heavier one in a week or month when you feel ready.


Just a simple stretchy band - buy the lightest one


Buy a set of circular bands - something like this from Amazon is fantastic - they usually cost less that $15. There are a bazillion different brands - any will do!

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