Welcome + Success Path

Welcome to the Complete Postpartum Programme!

I'm so so excited that you've decided to join this amazing tribe of women, and that you've made the committment to work on YOU and your body.

In the video below, I want to tell you about the amazing transformation that you're going to go through on this programme!

Most women starting this programme feel really weak...

some weeks after pregnancy and birth, some years - you may feel the same, like the changes are drastic and sudden, that you don't recognise your body, that you feel uncomfortable, stiff or in pain. You probably don't know where to start, you wonder if it's even possible and feel incredibly overwhelmed - and it's likely that this programme and how much is here is making you feel even more overwhelmed!

My mission as we work through the programme is to get you feeling STRONGER THAT YOU'VE EVER FELT IN YOUR LIFE

Even before pregnancy! I want you to feel capable and confident with your body, learn to do new things and move in new ways. I want you to be pain free, feel like you can cope with the physical demands of being a mother and look the way you want to look. You'll feel like you can stick to an exercise programme that GETS RESULTS and doesn't take over your entire life!

There are 5 distinct stages that women go through on this programme

THIS is your CPP Success Path

No matter how you're feeling right now, we are going to get you feeling amazing.

Stage 1 - Total beginner

Maybe you've just given birth and you feel like you've been hit by a bus, or you just feel weak and out of shape - maybe you're done having all your kids years ago - You might not recognize your body and you're likely feeling really overwhelmed by this programme.

Stage 2 - After Your First Workout

You just do that first workout - Mobility 1A - and you realise that it wasn't such a big deal! It was easy to find, it was just 10 minutes, and you already feel soooooo much better for moving - you're excited to crack on with the programme. You've got tons of questions (and send me an email or message on Facebook!)

Stage 3 - Getting in a Groove

You've got a few weeks of the programme, you're getting the hang of it, you're feeling so much better and stronger already and maybe you've even gone up a level.

Stage 4 - Not Feeling "Postpartum" Anymore

You've completed the Foundational Programme! You're pain free and feeling really strong! You're really comfortable with the techniques and you're ready for the next level - this is where we can talk about running, or fat-loss, or moving you on to the next level, the intermediate level! Or maybe you're thinking about the next pregnancy now...

Stage 5 - Stronger than before Pregnancy!

This is where you're ready to take things to the next level - maybe you want to learn how to do handstands or pullups or pushups or deadlifts - or you want to join a gym - You can do anything you want, you don't feel restricted by your body and you have the confidence to play with your training and try new things!

A little bit of housekeeping....

This "Welcome" section is going to take you through

  • a tour of the site (next video)
  • the equipment you need
  • how to track your workouts

You'll be getting daily emails from me giving you SMALL tasks and helping you GET STARTED - but also helping you find the right level for you.

Make sure you join the Facebook group - this is going to be a really important place for support and updates and future cool things that we'll be doing - head ever there and introduce yourself with a selfie now!

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