Assessment of your DR

In this video, I am going to take you through a quick assessment of your diastasis and will tell you where you should start on the Foundational Core Programme.

Follow along and do this video with me.

We are first of all going to assess the gap - using our fingers, we will feel if there is a gap and assess how wide AND deep that gap is.

BUT... that is just part of the picture.

We will then assess the strength of your abdominal muscles by performing 3 simple exercises.

While doing the exercises, you are going to feel your abdominal muscles - if they "jump" or "bulge out" and you can't control it, the exercise is a bit too hard at the moment and you should start with a more gentle exercise (I will tell you where to start in the programme.

(There is a video below which will show you what "bulging" looks like, if you need a visual)

What does "Bulging" mean?

"Bulging", sometimes referred to "coning" or "doming" is where the abdominal muscles don't stay flat when performing a movement or exercise, the pressure inside the abdomen causes the muscles to bulge out, and you can't control it.

This video shows you a few examples of what bulging looks like.

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