Guided Tour and How to use this Programme

Guided Tour of the CPP!

In the video below I am going to take you through a guided tour of the programme from the inside with a super duper hi-tech video that is a bit wonky!

All you need to know for now is this

"Start Here!" section

Will take you through the equipment you need and how to track your workouts (and take you through this guided tour!)

The Foundational Programme

Is made up of 3 modules - Core, Mobility and Strength - each module has 4-5 levels.

This is the most important part of the programme for you right now - just work your way through these modules over the next few months.

This also includes Level 0 if you are in a lot of pain and can't complete Level 1 of the Foundational Programme.

The Educational Bit

This is a supplement to your training - informational videos and practical exercises to help you recover from a vaginal birth, c-section, diastasis recti or treat back pain. You don't HAVE to do this, but it is there if you want to learn more - I highly recommend watching the videos while doing other things, going for a walk, feeding your baby, doing the dishes - I know you're busy!


Let's keep this really simple:

For your first workout, head to Mobility 1A

For your second workout, head to Strength 1A

For your third workout head to Core 2A or complete this Core Strength Assessment to know if you should start at level 1, 2 or 3!

Don't worry about anything else for now! Let's just get you started!

For now just focus on the Foundational Programme. This will take you through levels 1-3 of the Success Path, from feeling totally overwhelmed, to feeling like you've got a good grip, have improved, have a routine and a habit, and you're getting stronger and feeling better.

If you have ANY questions, or are feeling overwhelmed - please, please please contact me via the Facebook group or via [email protected]

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