Introduction and how we're going to strengthen your core!

Welcome to the Foundational Core Programme!!

I know that many of you will be super keen to get on with this and that the tummy can be a huge source of frustration after giving birth.

I'm incredibly excited about this programme - I honestly believe it's the best core strengthening programme for mums out there! (I really think it is!)

Most programmes will make one of 2 critical mistakes:

Many postpartum programmes do really gentle core exercises like breathing and heel slides... for YEARS... they never progress on from there and so participants don't get stronger or get results!

Other programmes just smash away at the abs with really hard exercises that are way too hard and performed with poor technique and little attention to what the muscles are actually doing.

This programme does things differently.

We first of all ASSESS your current level (in the next video) to find the right starting point for you - we absolutely start with all the breathing and core connection stuff.

From there we PROGRESS onto more challenging exercises. You are going to work through the 5 levels of the programme - by level 4 and 5 you'll be doing planks, crunches, and even situps!

So many clients have already got fantastic results by actually working systematically through this programme.

I'm so excited for you to start and get incredible results too!

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