Recommended Equipment


*You don't NEED any equipment for this programme - you could use a water bottle instead of a weight and make do without the bands.


SOME equipment is going to help you get more out of the programme.

Watch the video or read the text below - I have divided the equipment up into "levels", from most to least important

LEVEL ONE - "Just want to get started"

  • at least one dumbell - most women will do well with about 5kgs - but if you are totally new to lifting weights, or nervous about weights, start with a 3kg (but not less than that)
  • a resistance band - get the "light" one - these are available from most drug stores
  • a sofa to sit/lean on for various exercises (a workout bench is even better! But not necessary)
  • a surface to do incline pushups from - surfaces of varying heights around the house can be very useful - the kitchen counter/back of the sofa, the kitchen table, the arm of the sofa....

LEVEL TWO - "Taking it seriously"

  • get 3 dumbells of different weights - a good "Starter Pack" is a 3, 5 and 7kg dumbell (you don't need pairs, just singles)
  • glute bands - you can order these online in packs of 5, or get them from most sports shops
  • a resistance band with handles
  • a post to wrap said resistance band around (especially useful in the third tri!)

LEVEL THREE - not necessary, but great if you have!

  • a full set of dumbells or adjustable dumbells
  • a kettlebell
  • a barbell
  • adjustable cables (ok, so if you have access to a gym!)

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